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Medical Missions  for the Peruvian Andes

About Texas de Peru


Texas de Peru was formed as a cooperative effort of the Texas Medical Community to leverage our collective strength, resources and expertise to improve healthcare in the High Andes of Peru. To that end we work with local leaders and volunteers to send medical missions, equipment supplies, and expertise to Peru.

Texas de Peru enables individuals and organizations to deliver healthcare, grow servant leaders and make a difference in the delivery of healthcare to the undeserved, globally and locally.  The objective of Texas de Peru is to serve as a “bridge” between the health and welfare needs of the indigent in Peru and the surplus medical supplies, professionals and expertise in Texas. 

Today, we are directly connected to the Kausay Wasi Clinic in Coya, and Texas de Peru facilitates the sourcing and delivery of much needed medical supplies and equipment.  We conduct multiple medical missions throughout the year and in our short history, have treated nearly 700 patients and performed nearly 100 surgeries.   Here in Texas, we are currently connected to 208 North Texas healthcare organizations representing over 40,000 medical professionals.  With the help of our sponsors and donors, we are working to expand our reach throughout the Texas medical communities and across the high-Andes of Peru.

The Kausay Wasi Clinic (www.kausaywasi.org, high in the Andes in Coya, Peru, delivers quality healthcare to the poorest people in Southern Peru. The people of the area are primarily sustenance farmers, and there is a tremendous need for primary and specialized medical care.

To meet the demand and provide quality care, the Kausay Wasi Clinic (which means Healthy House in the indigenous language of Quechua) maintains a full time staff of 38 including three full time physicians. The clinic has 5 exam rooms, 2 surgery theaters, 1 preoperative room, 1 ICU room, and a post op that can support 15 patients

The Kausay Wasi Clinic hosts 12-15 medical missions from the United States annually. Consequently, the clinic has a highly regarded reputation and patients from as far away as Bolivia (9 hours away) make pilgrimages to the clinic to heal their sick.